How To Choose The Right Mattress And Pillow For A Restful Sleep

Good posture and proper pillow and mattress selection help you get a good night’s sleep. Restful sleep, as doctors say. The correct or more comfortable position is the one that aligns the body and the neck, that is, the head should be on the same horizontal line as the rest of the body.

This can be facilitated in the following positions: on the side, with a side sleeper pillow that maintains the neck straight.Or with the back resting on the mattress, also using a pillow for belly up sleeper that does not leave the neck much above the line of the body neither sunk in the pillow, below Of this imaginary horizontal line. It is advisable, therefore, to avoid very hard or too high pillows.

- Regardless of the position being the correct one, the important thing is the person to feel comfortable. It’s no use sleeping on your belly up if the person does not wake up the next day invigorated – warns the orthopedist Gilberto Hiroshi Ohara, attached to the orthopedic department of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp).

In this line, it is easier to understand why sleeping on your stomach can be harmful.

- The belly down puts pressure on the shoulders, and the person expends energy to maintain that position, just as he spends energy to keep his legs close to his knees, for example. Spending power means not resting during sleep – says Ohara.

Also according to the specialist, over the years inappropriate positions may cause some problem in the spine or neck – the famoustorticollis. The pains can intensify, and the correct thing is to look for a doctor to fix the problem.

Just like a very high pillow, a very hard mattress can be harmful.

“We spent a day’s room sleeping, from six to eight o’clock. Hardbed, therefore, does not favor sleep – he says.

The orthopedist says that the pains in the spine or neck are not always linked to the sleeping position or the size of the pillow. According to him, a resonance can diagnose the problem and favor the correct treatment.

“It’s possible to be a herniated disc or a tumor.

Also, pulmonologist Luciana Palombini, of the University’s Sleep Institute, points out that not giving right support to the neck can favor the appearance of snoring and apnea (temporary stopping of breathing during sleep). For those who are allergic, the care with the pillow and with the mattress should be doubled. Dust, and therefore dust mites, must be far away. Using covers on pillows and mattresses and washing them often helps to reduce dust, the doctor says.

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